Tough Heroes From Land, Childs, Liss And Dietrich

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First, a word about the economy which is *&^%$s. But it seems to be getting better. I think… I hope … Maybe…

Readers write me asking, “Given the cost of books, which ones should I buy?” Another person said “With books so expensive, I’m thinking about giving up reading.”


Unless you are a page-a-second-speed-reader, books are the best entertainment value out there. A $9 paperback cost about $2.50 an hour. Even less if you share it with friends. And a shared hard back cost less per person than a movie with popcorn and soda.

Grit-Lit is here to help you get maximum value for your hard earned buck. As always, the books in this column represent the best of the best thriller-lone-tough-guy/gal or tough-person-with-team genre. You’ll never read a review about the stinkers I’ve read. Why put down bad books when there are lots of great books out there?

Today, Grit-Lit announces our first text message inspired award. The IURSUPTPFT (If U R Saving Ur Pennies Then Plan For This) award. This is where we briefly cover outstanding books that are coming out pretty darn soon.

61 Hours

Here are the IURSUPPFT books for this month.

In bookstores this May, “61 Hours” by Lee Child. (Delacorte, $28, 383 pages. Hard cover.)

Jack Reacher is back, better … much better than ever.

And even more good news, Child’s has committed to two brand new Reacher novels this year.


Rejoice Reacher fans. Rejoice.

Coming June 22nd, “Strong Justice” by Jon Land. (Macmillan Books, $24.99, 352 pages. Hard cover.)

Strong Justice

The latest in Land’s saga about super-tough, fifth generation female Texas Ranger, Caitlin Strong.

On a 1-10 scale, Grit-Lit rates “Strong Justice” an 11.

The Barbary Pirates

The Barbary Pirates

Now, some stuff you can buy today.

“The Barbary Pirates: An Ethan Gage Adventure” by William Dietrich. (Harper Collins, $25.99, 328 pages. Hard cover.)

The hero of this wonderful historical thriller, Ethan Gage, is a well meaning scoundrel, a rake (which in this case, is not a gardening tool), a gambler and an adventurer.

A well meaning swashbuckler, coerced into working for Napoleon. Napoleon wants Gage to find a lost super weapon,ancient the Mirror of Archimedes.

From the salons and brothels of Paris to the canals of Venice, on to the caves of Santorini and ultimately ending with piracy on the high seas, “Pirates” never disappoints.

The devils company

Another excellent historical thriller just released in trade paperback is, “The Devil’s Company” by David Liss. (Ballantine Books, $15, 392 pages. Soft cover.)

Strongly recommended when it came out in hard cover, the paperback is a great deal. This book intrigues from the very first page.

“In my youth I suffered from too close a proximity to gaming tables of all descriptions, and I watched in horror as Lady Fortune delivered money, sometimes not precisely my own, into another’s hands.”

Who wouldn’t want to know more about Benjamin Weaver, ruffian and scoundrel for hire? It’s 1722. Weaver becomes enmeshed in a blackmail and corruption scheme.

Hooked by the first sentence, I was totally lost to the world after the first unexpected plot twist.

“Die Fat or Get Tough.

And now author Steven Siebold, the ultimate tough guy, brings us, “Die Fat or Get Tough.” (London House, $24.97, 231 pages. Soft cover.)

The Grit-Lit promise is to bring you all kinds of gritty tough messages from gritty tough guys. Siebold is tougher than a Marine Drill Sergeant who has OD’d on the double SS combo – Steroids and Speed.

Some Chapter Quotes.

“Fat people are delusional about being fat … Fit people operate from objective reality.”  “Fat people believe obesity won’t kill you… Fit people believe obesity won’t kill tomorrow.” And the one that hurts the most, “Fat people make choices that keep them fat … Fit people make choices that keep them fit.”

Sub-titled “101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People” Siebold’s message is discipline, discipline, discipline…” His message, however unwelcome makes sense, darn it. “Get Tough” is a tough message from a tough guy.

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Strong Justice

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  1. Awesome information-informative, quick and entertaining! I have selected two books from your picks for my thriller friends!

    Thank you!

  2. Can’t wait to get Child’s newest – I need some summer reads! Die Fat or Get Tough sounds cool, too. Thanks for the suggestion~

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