“The Brotherhood of the Rose” by David Morrell

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The Brotherhood of the Rose: A Novel (Mortalis) (Paperback)

If anyone could be called the KING OF MODERN THRILLERS, it would be David Morrell. Morrell’s claim to fame is often summed up in the words “He Wrote Rambo.” This is an incredible disservice to a man who has written many of the absolute best thrillers of all time.

“The Brotherhood of the Rose,” (Random House, $15. 448 pages. Soft cover). Morrell’s first big international thriller.

Two boys in an orphanage are befriended by an elderly man, who unknown to them belongs to the CIA.

He makes the boys love him as a substitute father, and then trains them to be his personal intelligence operatives.

The story is filled with all kinds of authentic CIA history and trade craft.

One thought on ““The Brotherhood of the Rose” by David Morrell

  1. The Brotherhood of the Rose (and Fraternity of the Stone and The League of Night and Fog) make up one of the most important trilogies of thriller fiction I’ve ever read, and they were the books that switched me from being a ‘horror/fantasy fan’ onto the joys of contemporary thriller fiction. When asked which books influenced my writing style – the Joe Hunter thriller series – I usually mention TBOTR without a second’s hesitation. It’s a fabulous book, and has inspired many of the modern writers working in the tough guy fiction field today.
    I love it (but I think you probably guessed that?)

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