“The Barbary Pirates'”by William Dietrich

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The Barbary Pirates

The Barbary Pirates

“The Barbary Pirates: An Ethan Gage Adventure” by William Dietrich. (Harper Collins, $25.99, 328 pages. Hard cover.) www.williamdietrich.com

The hero of this wonderful historical thriller, Ethan Gage, is a well meaning scoundrel, a rake (which in this case, is not a gardening tool), a gambler and an adventurer.

A well meaning swashbuckler, coerced into working for Napoleon. Napoleon wants Gage to find a lost ancient super weapon, the Mirror of Archimedes.

From the salons and brothels of Paris to the canals of Venice, on to the caves of Santorini and ultimately ending with piracy on the high seas, “Pirates” never disappoints.

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