“Terminal Freeze” by Lincoln Child

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Terminal Freeze by Lincoln child

” Lincoln Child. (Doubleday $27.95, 320 pages. Hard cover.) www.lincolnchild.com
Are you a science fiction thriller kind of reader? Then you are going to love “Terminal Freeze”. Scientists are working in the Arctic conducting exhaustive, dangerous research, attempting to learn about the effects of global warming when they discover an enormous ancient animal entirely encased in a block of ice.

A block of ice so big that it is the size of a small room. And within the ice, the creature appears to be perfectly preserved. This huge, fierce looking prehistoric predator could be one of the world’s greatest scientific discoveries.
But things get complicated when the media conglomerate who sponsored the research expedition takes over. Careful scientific methods take a back seat when the sponsor demands to document the thawing on live television.
To complicate matters, local Native American Eskimos warn that thawing the creature will create dire doomsday scenario sort of like Raiders of The Lost Ark. What happens next is … something I can’t tell you without giving the plot away.

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