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Great Books! Great Books! Everywhere I look–reading table, night table, office, I’m surrounded by GREAT BOOKS! Which makes this month’s column, especially exciting to write.

First, a book I’m surprised I liked.

“You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You” by Robert J. Randisi.

( Minotaur Books $25.99, 278 pages. Hard cover.)

Robert J Randisi

Ever in the mood for a book that could be described as “an easy read” or a “delightful bit of fluff?” And no I don’t meana classic issue of Mad Magazine or those new comic books. You know the ones they call “Graphic Novels” and that cost just slightly more than the available limit on your post-holiday credit card?

What I mean is a book that is like watching the “old” Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Relaxing. Funny. Don’t have to think too much.

When that mood strikes, I grab the Continue reading