“Feed” by Mira Grant, “Absolute Risk” by Steven Gore, and “Worth Dying For” by Lee Child

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Sometimes a book appears from the ether, or in this case, the Ethernet, recommended as something you’ll love. REALLY LOVE. The sender has great personal credibility, so you read the blurbs …stuff like … set in the future … zombies-zombies-zombies … bloggers covering a Presidential campaign…  honest charismatic politicians with wonderful wives … Then you grunt to yourself, “no way in HECK I’m gonna like this. I’m a tough guy, tough gal detective thriller addict.”

And about 50 words into the book,  your ice-tea melts, ignored in the sun, your coffee cools, forgotten in the shade – can you say “gotta caffeine problem Mr. Grit-Lit?” – and you are gone.

Here are the 45 words that got me.

“You can’t kill the truth. – Georgia Mason.

Nothing is impossible to kill. It’s just that sometimes after you kill something, you have to keep shooting it until it stops moving. And that’s really sort of neat when you stop to think about it. – Shaun Mason.”

“Feed” by Mira Grant (Orbit, $9.99, 608 pages, www.miragrant.com).

Mira Grant is a horror writer.

Horror writer? What’s a horror writer doing in my grit-lit column? She wrote a *^$# good book is what she’s doing.

Grant’s got three books in her Newsflesh Trilogy and while “Feed” isn’t a typical Grit-Lit book, it is a fascinating look at a future where the credible breaking news comes from international blogging teams, the Presidential candidate reminds you of John Kennedy and bio-tech experiments gone amuck have people wearing bite proof clothing and adopting a shoot first, shoot again, if they keep crawling at you, pray-you-aren’t-out-of-ammunition-and-shoot-some-more book.

Excellent on all counts. Even if you aren’t a traditional horror reader, the writing, plot and characters will suck you in and entertain you till you drop.

Coming later this month from local author, Steven Gore, is “Absolute Risk,” (Harper, $9.99, 592 pages, www.stevengore.com).

The second in Gore’s Graham Gage series (his first, “Final Target” was an if Grit-Lit gave awards, then this one would win the debut novel category winner).

“Absolute” continues Gore’s winning ways. An out of control uprising in Central China, a desperately ill US President about to turn power over to a vice-president in the thrall of religious extremists … There is a lot to like here.

Plus Gore does his homework. A few of his words from the back of the book. “In the spirit of sometimes learning the most from the worst people, this book has benefited from conversations with certain government officials, military officers, and business executives in China who provided insights into the practices of corruption that are reflected in the book, with money launderers in Hong Kong and elsewhere, with environmental polluters in the Americas and in Asia, and with snakeheads in San Francisco, Bangkok, and Taipei…”

A truly thrilling thriller.

“Worth Dying For” by Lee Child (Delacorte Press, $28, 384 pages, www.leechild.com).

Reacher is back! That’s right, two Reachers this year. That’s makes 15 total. All worth every penny.

In “Dying” Reacher walks right into trouble. First it’s the Duncans, a local family that has beaten the county into submission. But it’s a decades old missing child case that grabs Reacher. He’d have been much better off to have just kept moving on. But for Reacher, that’s impossible.

Here at Grit-Lit we like Reacher so much the day his book arrives is declared a holiday. My family retires to the family room and pulls out the emergency supplies – tourniquets, fifth of Wild Turkey and a stick to bite on. Then it’s a fight to near death. Winner takes the book. Loser gets the stick, tourniquet, Wild Turkey and a wrinkled old copy of Reader’s Digest, circa 2002, that came from a doctor’s office.

Fortunately, everyone is a fast reader. So far no one has died from blood loss waiting for their turn.

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