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  1. Hi Miles,
    I believe we met at a California Writer’s Club lunch a while back. My whitewater rafting murder mystery “Whitewater: A Novel” is complete and available to review! May I send you an advance manuscript to review? Thanks, Bill cell 510 409 9300

    FYI Here’s a book-jacket teaser for “Whitewater: A Novel” by William McGinnis

    While searching for his parents’ killers, ex-Navy SEAL captain Adam Weldon encounters a lovely undercover FBI agent, a ruthless drug cartel intent on killing him, a gambling casino for the super-rich run by a radio preacher, a host of motley river guides, and a succession of hair-raising challenges both in and out of the whitewater rapids of the Kern River.

    This fascinating page turner is sure to enrich the reader’s experience of any river—and of life itself. Not only is it fun and fast paced, but also, woven into its rich fabric is a celebration of nature and life-enhancing wisdom including insights into the wellsprings of human kindness and high-level wellness.

    Readers and Writers Comment on “Whitewater: A Novel ”

    “What a great read! I loved it!” –Linda Mauer, Co-owner & CFO airplane painting company

    “WOW!! DOUBLE WOW!!!!! An amazing thriller! I couldn’t put it down. .. This book is exciting and enthralling.” –Bud Robyn, River rafter, mountain climber, sailor, aerobatic pilot, skydiver, kite surfer and international business executive

    “’Whitewater’s nature descriptions are poetry in prose…. the love and oneness with Mother Earth is palpable. I can really feel the river. McGinnis’ expressive, descriptive details and his gift with words directly pull me into the experience without having to get wet!!” –Shelley Mallary, Life coach and spiritual teacher

    ”Danger! Thrills! Characters to both love and fear. I could almost feel the spray of the whitewater. Whitewater is excitement with a heart.” –Jil Plummer, Author of six novels including “Caravan to Armageddon”

    Books by William McGinnis:

    Whitewater: A Novel
    Sailing the Greek Islands: Dancing with Cyclops (Amazon eBook)
    The Guide’s Guide Augmented
    Class V Briefing
    River Signals
    The (original) Guide’s Guide
    Whitewater Rafting

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