Myles Knapp, Chief Reviewer

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Since the beginning of this century Grit-Lit, has been the place to come for the latest and best information on thrillers and gritty detective novels.  Published in many of the United States best known newspapers– including the San Francisco Bay Area News Group papers and led by the San Jose Mercury News and the Contra Costa Times–with print circulations well in excess of  500,000  plus extensive internet exposure, Grit-Lit is one of the most widely read thriller review columns in the industry.

Myles Knapp Grit-Lit Chief Reviewer

Because book publishers believe that women buy most of the books — I’ve even been told — and I quote a powerful industry insider– “Men don’t read” —ARGH!!! Makes me CRAZY.

But this is not a men’s book review site. Git-Lit is for anyone who loves men and women of action. Characters like: Jack Reacher, Caitlen Strong, Mike Hammer, Spenser, Doc Ford, Dave Robicheaux, Joe Pike, Bob “The Nailer” … if you love them then you are at the right place.

Grit-Lit is dedicated to gritty detective novels, thrillers and the occasional odd ball — health and fitness, sports, true life adventure. Books that will give you a thrill or make your life better. Books that at their best offer an excellent combination of what I call the three sacred E’s —  Entertainment, Education and Enlightenment.

In short, these are not the kind of books you are likely to see reviewed on Oprah.

As this blog grows it will include all the Grit-Lit columns including reviews of hundreds of action oriented mysteries. Plus even more books that I was unable to review in my regular column.

Myles Knapp has been held at gunpoint by the Rio police, fought for his life against a hammer-wielding psycho and lost more full contact judo fights to Marines than he can count. As a reviewer, he’s read over 5,000 thrillers and is determined to read another 5,000. Since 2001, his column, “Grit-Lit,” has appeared in major newspapers and websites including The San Jose Mercury, Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times and affiliates.

A marketing and sales professional, he has lived and worked in the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. When not busy completing his second and third Revenge School novels, Myles is reading, lifting heavy weights and riding his motorcycle or bike.

Everyone at Grit-Lit looks forward to reader and author comments. We love to hear from you.

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  1. Where would you recommend a newbie like I start reading? I am a guy who has never read the stuff you write about but could see myself becoming interested in it.

    Suggestions? On who/where to start?

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