8 Steps to a PAIN-FREE BACK!” by Esther Gokhale,

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But wait, you say, “I’m like a lot of American’s my back hurts too much to exercise!”

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back

“8 Steps to a PAIN-FREE BACK!” by Esther Gokhale, L. Ac. (Pendo Press, $24.95, 244 pages, www.pendopress.com)

According to “8 Steps” Americans are ten times more likely to have back pain than people from traditional societies around the world. 85% of the population will suffer from back pain” This is a great, picture filled book, extremely well written and full of proven ways to eliminate back pain without surgery, time-consuming exercises or purchasing anything “as seen on TV.”

Once you’ve conquered your back pain you can ride your bike down to your local polling place and vote for a leader who understands priorities.

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